Trusters (Italy)


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About Trusters

Trusters is a new way of financing open to all and is the result of an idea developed during our long journey in the real estate sector. We are a solid and united team, a reality that was born and grows in Italy, constantly inspired by the beauty and potential of our real estate assets.

Thanks to real estate crowdfunding, today we can give anyone the opportunity to finance real estate, even those who do not have large capital. With Trusters, it becomes possible to look towards new horizons and access a sector that allows you to make profits, create value and minimize risks.

Ours is a real estate crowdfunding platform different from the others, because it offers the possibility to finance operations that are concluded in the short term and to generate profits quickly. We have always been a close-knit team and, after many years of experience in the sale and renovation of properties, we have understood that we can offer this benefit to our lenders… Continue reading about Trusters here



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