Bank of Camilla


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About Bank of Camilla

The Bank of Camilla was established more than 125 years ago as the first bank in Mitchell County. The bank was chartered on November 4, 1889, and began business on January 2, 1890, in the first brick building in Camilla, known for many years as “Bennett Hall.” The founding fathers and first directors of the bank were T. R. Bennett, Sr.; M. F. Brimberry; D. K. Butler; J. B. Acree; J. C. Turner and W. N. Spence with T. R. Bennett, Sr., as its first President. Other presidents have been Capt. J. P. Heath; T. R. Bennett, Jr. (later became first Superintendent of Banking in Georgia); W. L. Butler; J. L. Palmer; Joe Wheeler Butler; J. B. Lewis; J. E. Brooks, Sr.; W. W. Brooks; Raymond T. Muggridge, Jr. and Ray T. Muggridge, III (present)..….. Continue reading about Bank of Camilla here.


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