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BankActivities.com, all things finance, is for:

  • Readers – interested in reading finance news, finding out more about finance-related topics, finding information on personal finance, or improving their financial literacy.
  • Writers – inexperienced and experienced writers can become contributors and showcase their writing skills, build an audience or build their writing portfolio.
  • Companies – both startups and existing companies can promote their financial products and services or educate potential clients about their products at a reasonable cost.


BankActivities is an online space that offers information related to finance with three primary aims.

Our first aim is to provide our readers with all things finance in a single place for readers with different levels of financial knowledge and interests.

At BankActivities, we assign importance to our readers seeking answers to different finance-related issues and questions. Readers will find relevant news, how-to guidelines, personal experiences, stories, analyses, etc., associated with different types of financial products and services and different financial needs.

Our readers have the opportunity to find relevant financial institutions in different regions and countries. BankActivities objective is to establish a detailed directory for institutions and organizations related to different areas of finance. Hence, readers can find a list of banks, exchanges, DeFi companies and organizations, insurance companies, etc. Also, a directory of financial related courses and certifications is available for readers that want to augment their financial skills or improve their financial literacy.

With our second aim, we are focused on offering writers a platform where they can showcase their writing skills. Both newbie and experienced writers have the opportunity to publish texts and research and enhance their online presence. The platform is especially beneficial for freelance writers that offer their services as ghostwriters and find themselves in an awkward situation when applying for a writing job.

As ghostwriters, we had multiple situations where a potential client would ask us for our portfolio of articles, posts, texts, etc. Consequently, from our experience as ghostwriters, we realized that although we have completed hundreds of texts for our clients, we neglected the development of our portfolio, due to which we become inadequate candidates.

BankActivites, welcomes freelance writers, authors, journals, students, academics, and other people interested in presenting their writing skills or research results to contribute their texts in the relevant section. To do so, please go to the Become a Contributor section.

Considering the competition in the finance space, our third aim is to provide a space where startups can promote their new and innovative financial products or services at a reasonable cost. In addition, existing financial companies and institutions can also promote their financial products or services.


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