Bank of Cairo and Moberly


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Regional Missouri Bank  acquired Bank of Cairo and Moberly

About Bank of Cairo and Moberly

When the 20 subscribers of stock in the new “Bank of Cairo” met at the Masonic Hall in 1905, they had no idea what the future had in store. They could not have foreseen the high economic times of the 20s and 30s, nor could they have believed the tragedies that would come out of the depression years. What they did envision was a bank of their own: A bank that would provide a safe haven for their earnings and their savings. Also, the bank could make sound loans to the farmers and proprietors and would otherwise be the financial hub for the area. Today, after 100 plus years, the Bank of Cairo survives as the Bank of Cairo & Moberly. It subscribes to the same basic goals set out by the original stockholders. The Bank has enjoyed the periods of prosperity and has held firm during times of hardship..….. Continue reading about Bank of Cairo and Moberly here.


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