Bankers Trust Company


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About Bankers Trust Company

Bankers Trust Company (BTC), organized in 1917 by B. F. Kauffman, opened in June of that same year with 12 employees. After the first day of business, deposits exceeded $485,000 and loans nearly reached $500,000. It was already clear that Bankers Trust Company’s trademark would be to respond to customer needs.

The bank’s growth accelerated when it consolidated with or purchased the assets of four Des Moines banks: The Northern Trust (1924), Security Trust and Savings Bank (1926), Peoples Savings Bank (1928), and Des Moines Bank and Trust Company (1953).

In 1933, when the nation’s banks were closed by order of the President of the United States, officers of Bankers Trust looked to the future and made arrangements with officials in Washington, D.C. to examine the company during the bank holiday. The result was that Bankers Trust was one of the nation’s first banks to reopen when the bank holiday ended… Continue reading about Bankers Trust Company here


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