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About Red River Bank

The origins of Red River Bank can be followed all the way back to the very heart of Louisiana. There, near the banks of the Red River, a small group of community leaders came together with a vision for a new kind of bank. The year was 1999, the banking climate was one of mergers and acquisitions, and the era of hometown banking seemed to be fading away.

We wanted to offer a better way to bank. A way based on the timeless kind of service we knew customers wanted, deserved, and were increasingly missing. We called it the Red River Way—and it’s the philosophy we built this bank on.

Like the body of water we’re named after, the progress of Red River Bank flows through Louisiana, decade by decade, parish by parish, growing into new communities as we continue to meet needs across the state. Along the way, the commitment to our core values—confidentiality, service excellence, innovation, community and integrity—has continued to deepen… Continue reading about Red River Bank here


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