Doopla (Mexico)


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About Doopla

Since 2015 we are directly connecting loan applicants with investors, we are changing the way people access loans and investments.

During these years, more than 120 thousand people who seek to take control of their investments or their debts have registered in, since they do so under better conditions than with the usual Institutions. Because credits and investments are direct between people without the need for third-party intermediaries, whoever obtains a loan does so by paying only a third of what they would pay in the market and whoever invests obtains more than four times their investment compared to traditional savings products.

We know that everyone deserves the opportunity to improve their personal finances. At Doopla we seek to give that opportunity to more people.

In these years, we have obtained recognition from different internationally renowned institutions, in 2017 we were named as one of the 10 most promising Fintech in Latin America by Village Capital, a program sponsored by BlackRock, PayPal and Citibanamex… Continue reading about Doopla here



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