Colectual (Spain)


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About Colectual

Colectual was born in 2015, although the idea of ​​creating a crowdlending platform with an ethical approach and focused on SMEs had already been in the minds of its partners for years. This idea arises, precisely, from the experience in banking of the partners, from the knowledge of the nearby business fabric and the conviction that a platform of this type can be the engine of change to establish more balanced relations between investors and companies.

The disappearance of numerous financial entities and the difficulty in accessing credit as a result of the financial crisis, together with the awareness that it is possible to apply ethical and social values ​​to the financial world, were the incentives to start this project.

These engines were joined by factors related to the field of activity itself. On the one hand, investors are looking for new opportunities to diversify their capital and obtain profitability. On the other hand, the development and growth of online crowdfunding and crowdlending platforms has allowed their knowledge and dissemination among investors… Continue reading about Colectual here



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