DoFinance (Latvia)


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About DoFinance

International online lending and investment management company Alfa Finance Group was founded in 2015. It is a family run company founded by brothers Jānis and Viesturs Kulikovskis in order to ensure access to financial services in South-East Asia. Alfa Finance has a strong vision of creating original and modern financial services so that anyone can become his or her own personal investor and financial director in an easy and smart way.

The key value of the business is people. Alfa Finance invests in creating the most user-friendly and accessible services possible

The business essence is loans for private individuals, consumer, farming, real-estate and medicare related, and lending and investment platform services for private individuals. In less than three years, we have successfully expanded to Poland, Georgia and Indonesia, with a total of more than 1,769,000 registered borrowers and over nearly EUR 100 million in loans issued in funding. During the next few years Alfa Finance Group is planning to put focus further expansion in Indonesia, the country with the biggest underbanked population in South East Asia… Continue reading about DoFinance here




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