EvenFi (former Criptalia) (Italy, Spain)


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About Criptalia

Criptalia is a crowdlending platform: we are regulated in Italy as an Agent of the Electronic Money Institution MangoPay. In Spain is authorized and registered by the Spanish National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) on the official record number 32. Our activity consists of putting in contact, in a professional manner and through websites or other electronic means, a plurality of natural or legal persons that offer financing in exchange for a monetary yield, called investors, with legal persons that request funding in their own name in order to destine it to a participative financing project, called promoters. Criptalia does not offer financial advice, and none of the proposed activities should be considered as such. The analyses contained in these pages are for general information only and do not constitute specific advice. Criptalia is not an investment services company or a credit institution and is not a member of any Investment Guarantee Fund or Deposit Guarantee Fund… Continue reading about Criptalia here

Website: https://criptalia.com/

Website: https://web.evenfi.com/


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