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About K&H Jelzálogbank Zrt

K & H Bank’s birthday coincides with the establishment of the two-tier banking system in Hungary, which began operations on January 1, 1987.

Its founder was the Hungarian state and the companies belonging to its legacy clientele – agricultural, food, commercial and tourism companies. In the period up to 1992, the Bank’s activities and customer base expanded, new services were launched, and the number of branches increased dynamically. In parallel with the economic situation in the country at that time, the situation of quite a few customers deteriorated, so the portfolio of non-performing loans increased significantly. For this reason, and in the interest of continuous growth, share capital increases and subordinated loan capital were provided during the bank consolidation, and in 1996 the strengthened financial institution merged its previously owned retail services subsidiary, IBUSZ Bank. The merger gave rise to a universal large bank, which also boasted the country’s second-largest branch network. In the same year, K&H Bank joined VISA and Europay (now MasterCard) to start developing one of the widest bank card selections in the country… Continue reading about K&H Jelzálogbank Zrt here.

Website: https://www.kh.hu/

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