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About Unity Trust Bank plc

Unity Trust Bank was launched on May 1, 1984. It was born out of a vision by trade unions to create a bank that would embrace the philosophy of serving the common good. While now an independent organisation, Unity Trust Bank continues to embody its original principles:

  • Unity’s first mission was to provide prudent, profitable commercial lending in the UK and to support jobs, industries and the British economy.
  • The first few years were spent developing banking facilities for our trade union shareholders and providing additional services specifically to benefit their members.
  • During the 1990s we refocused as society became increasingly concerned with fighting social and financial exclusion, tailoring our products and services to meet the needs of socially-minded organisations… Continue reading about Unity Trust Bank plc here.

Website: https://www.unity.co.uk/

Go directly to Unity Trust Bank plc online banking.

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