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About Erste Bank

Erste Bank Hungary serves its customers through its 124 branches and 400 automatic teller machines, supplemented by the ATMs of the Savings Cooperatives and Banks belonging to the National Savings Cooperative Association, where customers with an Erste debit bank card can withdraw cash on the same terms as Erste. Through its subsidiaries, Erste Bank Hungary covers the full range of financial services. Erste Bank Hungary is one of the three largest players in the Hungarian banking market in terms of customer numbers, branch numbers and ATM numbers.

Erste Bank Hungary has been a member of the Austrian Erste Group since 1997, which was established in 1819 as the first Austrian savings bank. Since 1997, the international Erste Group has become one of the largest financial services providers in Eastern Europe, serving 16.5 million customers in 7,900 branches in 7 countries… Continue reading about Erste Bank here.


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