Banca Progetto S.p.a.


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About Banca Progetto S.p.a.

Banca Progetto SpA, born in 2015 from the reorganization of Banca Popolare Lecchese by the Californian fund Oaktree and led by the CEO Paolo Fiorentino, operates in the household and business credit market also through the digital channel.

With offices in Milan and Rome and a commercial network present throughout the national territory, Banca Progetto specializes in services for small and medium-sized Italian companies and for private customers, in particular in Cessione del Quinto products for private employees, employees state, public, para-public and pensioners and in medium-long term loans to SMEs… Continue reading about Banca Progetto S.p.a. here.


Go directly to Banca Progetto S.p.a. online banking.


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