Banca Galileo S.p.a.


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About Banca Galileo S.p.a.

Banca Galileo was born in 2002 from a project by a small group of managers with experience in the credit sector. Entrepreneurs and freelancers enthusiastically join the project of setting up a new private bank, capable of affirming and protecting the central role of the customer, overturning the now consolidated bank-customer relationship as Galileo Galilei, with the experimental method, had affirmed the actual reality of Copernican heliocentrism.

The idea of ​​creating a new private bank, oriented to meet the needs of companies, entrepreneurs and freelancers, characterized by independence and able to select the best products and services offered on the market, quickly involved more and more resources.

In January 2004 the Bank of Italy authorized Banca Galileo to carry out banking activities and in April of the same year it began operating operations at the Milan office in Corso Venezia where the rooms of Palazzo Saporiti become the headquarters of the General Management and the first operational branch… Continue reading about Banca Galileo S.p.a. here.


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