Banca Ifigest – S.p.a.


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About Banca Ifigest – S.p.a.

1987 – Fidia Mobiliare SpA is born

1991 – The Group expands by acquiring Ifigest Fiduciaria Sim, with a license to manage individual investment portfolios.

1992 – A stake in the Sevian trust company is acquired.

2000 – The Group enters the Internet world, subscribing to 42.5% of the capital of

2001 – Ifigest Fiduciaria Sim becomes Banca Ifigest

2004 – the Banca Ifigest Banking Group is established.

2006 – Banca Ifigest promotes the establishment of Soprarno SGR.

2009 – The Ifigest Banking Group continues its growth, acquiring Omnia Sim… Continue reading about Banca Ifigest – S.p.a. here.


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