SECB Swiss Euro Clearing Bank GmbH


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About SECB Swiss Euro Clearing Bank GmbH

The SECB was founded in 1998 and received a full banking license. It started banking on January 1, 1999. The business purpose of the SECB is to provide the connection to the most important EURO clearing systems as well as the processing of payment transactions in EURO, primarily for banks and financial institutions from Switzerland and Liechtenstein, but also from other countries.

In its role as a payment transaction bank for banks, the SECB acts as the correspondent bank for these institutions, but at the same time, as system manager of the euroSIC system operated by SIX Interbank Clearing AG in Switzerland, is responsible for the control and monitoring of this system. In addition, it acts as a liquidity manager for the system and as a settlement agent for the system participants… Continue reading about SECB Swiss Euro Clearing Bank GmbH here.


Go directly to SECB Swiss Euro Clearing Bank GmbH online banking.

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