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About Brentwood Bank

When Brentwood Bank began in 1922, the only constant was its commitment to the community. Back then, the bank didn’t have a permanent home. Instead, we served the financial needs of South Hills mill workers by hopscotching between local businesses. But that was no picnic. When one shop unexpectedly closed for the day, Brentwood Bank’s founders were left scrambling. Refusing to disappoint their hardworking customers, they used a wooden plank and an orange crate as a makeshift bank counter. It was decidedly short on ambiance. But the commitment spoke volumes.

And through all of us at Brentwood Bank, it still does. The plank and orange crate are long gone. But that “whatever-it-takes” attitude for those we serve still remains strong. We take a genuine interest in each and every customer, developing personalized solutions that can only come from a trusted financial neighbor… Continue reading about Brentwood Bank here.


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