Wilobank (Argentina)


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About Wilobank

We are a bank. We are the first 100% digital bank in Argentina.

We are a bank because after analyzing our project, the Central Bank approved it and gave us the license to operate as such.

We are subject to all the regulations and controls that it requires to protect the financial system and its users.

We do not have branches, although in reality, each cell phone of our clients will become the most modern and efficient bank branch that you can imagine.

Right from the start, we give you an advantage that we know you will value. You save all the problems of going to the bank , because you don’t even go directly. There are no queues, no “draw number and wait”, no forms and no multiple signatures. There is no bureaucracy, no paperwork.

Wilobank is a simple bank, an easy bank, a light bank, a fast, reliable and transparent bank. Logical, as a consequence we will have lower costs for us and for you. We created Wilobank to simplify the experience of managing your finances. And so, give you back your time… Continue reading about Wilobank here.

Website: https://www.wilobank.com/

Go directly to Wilobank online banking.


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