Morton Community Bank


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About Morton Community Bank

Morton Community Bank was organized in 1960 by Ben Koch, Ben Barth, Oscar Mathis, Orville Barth, Herold Anderson, Paul Soldwedel, Richard McClain, and E.A. Monroe, MD. We opened on August 26, 1961.

Excavation was begun in February of 1960. Morton Community Bank was organized with a capitalization of $400,000, consisting of $200,000 in capital stock, $125,000 surplus, and $75,000 reserve for operating expenses. Stock was sold for $50.00 per share.

The original staff included James Green, Cashier; Cliff Hasselbacher, Assistant Cashier; Rosemary Wilder, Secretary and Teller; and Bob Cox and Sharon Baum, Bookkeepers.

Gordon Honegger joined Morton Community Bank on January 1, 1973 as Executive Vice-President. During the ensuing years, Gordon and Cliff fashioned many ways to use “MCB” in our marketing, such as: Morton Commercial Bank, Morton Children’s Bank, Morton Cache Bank (Lock Boxes), Morton Compensation Bank, Morton Congenial Bank, Morton Car Bank, Morton Checking Bank, Morton Confidential Bank, Morton Construction Bank and Morton Certificate Bank… Continue reading about Morton Community Bank here


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