Bezirks-Sparkasse Dielsdorf Genossenschaft


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About Bezirks-Sparkasse Dielsdorf Genossenschaft

As a regional bank, we are very familiar with the region and therefore have a special connection with our bank customers. In our bank, for example, credit officers, management or the board of directors decide on loan applications. In contrast to large institutions, however, the decision is always made locally in the region. This personal proximity to our customers guarantees long-term, sustainable cooperation, which is characterized by mutual openness and trust.

For us, the personal relationship with the customer plays a key role. Technical achievements will not be able to replace this relationship. Although modern technologies offer countless opportunities to offer customers valuable services and information, the limits of this technology lie in the structure of the contact between the customer and the bank… Continue reading about Bezirks-Sparkasse Dielsdorf Genossenschaft here.


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