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About Adams Bank & Trust

Our story began in 1916 when G.D. Adams founded Lemoyne State Bank in Lemoyne, Nebraska. In 1934, the construction of Lake McConaughy and Kingsley Dam caused the town of Lemoyne to relocate. G.D. moved the bank to Brule. The foundation of Lemoyne State Bank remains under the waters of Lake McConaughy.

Between 1962 and 1972, Melvin Sr., and Mel (Melvin Jr.) opened four more banks in Imperial, Sutherland, Madrid, and Ogallala. In 1986, revised banking laws permitted the five banks to merge under one name, Adams Bank & Trust, and made its headquarters in Ogallala, Nebraska.

Today, Todd and Chad Adams (sons of Mel) serve as CEO and President, respectively. Under their leadership, Adams Bank & Trust has grown to over $1 billion in assets and 20 branches in Nebraska, Colorado, and Kansas. Continue reading about Adams Bank & Trust here


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