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About Bankhaus Werhahn GmbH

Strictly speaking, the beginnings of the Werhahn banking house go back to the roots of the Werhahn Group, which means that its history actually lasts significantly longer than 30 years. Because Wilh has been practicing since it was founded. Werhahn also conducts loan and mortgage business.

The first major milestone came in 1904 when the Deutsche Reichsbank Wilh. Werhahn grants the banking rights. Even then, the business of the banking department was based on Wilh. Werhahn mainly on intra-group financial transactions. All operating departments and associated companies handle their money transactions here.

The securities transactions for the asset managers of the shareholders are also carried out from here. In January 1924 – shortly after the great inflation – Wilh. Werhahn approval as a foreign exchange bank. Until 1939, the company maintained international business relationships with financial institutions in New York, London, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Brussels, among others, and was recognized as a foreign trade bank by the Bank of German Countries in 1952… Continue reading about Bankhaus Werhahn GmbH here.


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