Italian Stock Exchange


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About Italian Stock Exchange

Nine stages in the evolution of the stock exchange from a Milanese economic institution to a international market.

The laws, the intermediaries, the issues involved, and the economic and financial backdrop that accompanied the development of the Stock Exchange over the course of its history…

1808 – 1814 The Milan Merchandise Exchange was formed by decree, issued by the Viceroy Eugène Napoléon, son of Joséphine de Beauharnais, on 16 January 1808, ordering that it be opened within a month. The decree also charged “a commission of fifteen members, including bankers, traders and merchandise brokers,” appointed by the Minister of the Interior, to find temporary premises for the immediate opening, and a suitable building where the exchange could meet on a permanent basis. A second decree dated 6 February 1808 established the first regulations for the operation of the Stock Exchange … Continue reading about Italian Stock Exchange here.



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