Düsseldorf Stock Exchange


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About Düsseldorf Stock Exchange

The term “stock exchange” goes back to the gathering of money dealers on the square “ter buerse” in front of the van der Burse house in Bruges in the 15th century. At the meetings of merchants in important trading cities (Bruges, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Paris, Hamburg, Cologne)

The favorable geographical location at the intersection of important long-distance trade routes favored long-distance trade in Cologne as well as membership in the Hanseatic League. Textile and metal goods in particular were exported from the industrial city. The trade relations reached among others to Antwerp, Spain, Portugal, Italy. In the 16th century, Cologne benefited from the influx of Dutch merchants.

1553: “Stock Exchange Meetings” in Cologne In

1553 the Cologne council gave the Cologne merchants permission to assemble on the square in front of the town hall between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. When the weather was bad, the meetings took place in the house of the merchant Hieron Meinau. The exchange business has dominated the “stock exchange meetings” that have taken place since 1553, since part of the Antwerp financing and payment transactions were relocated to Cologne… Continue reading about Düsseldorf Stock Exchange here.

Website: www.boerse-duesseldorf.de


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