Belgrade Stock Exchange


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About Belgrade Stock Exchange

The first ideas about establishing an institution which would control the movement of the value of money appeared in Serbia in the 1830s. The Serbian Trading Association, important for the development of the entire Serbian economy,  initiated the passing of the Stock Exchange Law. The national Assembly adopted the Law on 3. November 1886, and the Law was proclaimed by the then King of Serbia Milan M. Obrenović. Several years later, on 21. November 1894, in „Građanska kasina“ the Belgrade Stock Exchange held its Founding Assembly and selected the management and exchange intermediaries. The purpose of founding the Exchange was to promote, facilitate and regulate trading in various commodities, all securities allowed to be quated, cheques and coupons, coins and paper money.

The first trading sessions were held in the hotel „Bosna“ on the bank of the river Sava, where exporters met and prepared contracts for food and prunes. At that time, only one trading session was held and in one room all transactions were concluded (currency, money, goods)… Continue reading about Belgrade Stock Exchange here.



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