Dhaka Stock Exchange


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About Dhaka Stock Exchange

The necessity of establishing a stock exchange in the then East Pakistan was first recognised by the government when, early in 1952, it was learnt that the Calcutta Stock Exchange had prohibited transactions of Pakistani shares and securities. The Provincial Industrial Advisory Council of Pakistan soon set up an organizing committee for the formation of a stock exchange in East Pakistan. A decisive step was taken in the second meeting of the organizing committee held on 13thMarch, 1953. In the cabinet room, Eden Building, under the chairmanship of A. Khaleeli, Secretary of the Government of East Bengal, Commerce, Labor and Industries Department, various aspects of the issue were discussed in detail. The central government’s proposal regarding the opening a branch of Karachi Stock Exchange at Dhaka did not find favor with the meeting who felt that East Pakistan should have an independent stock exchange. It was suggested that Dacca Narayanganj Chamber of Commerce & Industry should approach its members for purchasing the membership cards at RS. 2000 each for the proposed Stock Exchange. It was thought that the location of the exchange should be either at Dhaka or Narayanganj or Chittagong. An organizing committee was appointed consisting of leading commercial and industrial personalities of the province with Mirza Mehdi Ispahani as the convener in order to organize the exchange… Continue reading about Dhaka Stock Exchange here.

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