Bank of Thailand


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About Bank of Thailand

The Bank of Thailand (BOT) is a state-owned organization that plays a primary role in managing the country’s economic and financial system to run smoothly. through the implementation of monetary policy to support the country’s economy to grow stably at a rate appropriate to the country’s potential This is considered to create an economic environment that allows people to improve their quality of life for a sustainable long term. under the vision “It is a far-sighted organization. principled and cooperative for the sustainable well-being of Thailand” and the shared value “Stand Upright, Look Far, Reach Out to the Ground” with the mission “To foster a stable economic and financial environment. and sustainable and thorough development.”

As for the overall direction of the BOT’s operations, the BOT will operate accordingly. strategic plan3 years (2020 – 2022) under the topic “Central Bank in a Transformative World” to support the environment facing various changes, especially the adaptation to the digital economy. with volatility, uncertainty (Uncertainty), complexity (Complexity) and ambiguous (Ambiguity) that increase in speed and strength than in the past This environment may be called VUCA+, with technological developments transforming lifestyles, business models, financial services. and disruptive technology is a major catalyst. In addition, the Thai socio-economic system still faces ongoing challenges. both from the accumulation of structural problems and the greater vulnerability of social and economic conditions… Continue reading about Bank of Thailand here.



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