Bank of Guyana


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About Bank of Guyana

The Bank of Guyana was established by virtue of the Bank of Guyana Ordinance No. 23 of 1965.  Actual operation commenced on October 16. 1965 – seven months before the country gained political independence. The early establishment of the Bank was promoted by an agreement of the U.K. Government (acting for the still colonial members of the British Caribbean Currency Board (BCCB) and the Trinidad & Tobago Government), for the dissolution of the BCCB by mid-1967 and the cessation of issuance of currency after 1965.

The Bank of Guyana Ordinance established the Central Bank as an ‘autonomous institution’ with headquarters in the capital city of Georgetown with the following principal objectives:

Within the context of the economic policy of the Government, the Bank shall be guided in all its actions by the objectives of fostering monetary stability and promoting credit and exchange conditions conducive to the growth of the economy of Guyana… Continue reading about Bank of Guyana here.



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