Obwaldner Kantonalbank


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About Obwaldner Kantonalbank

1849 – The savings bank of the canton of Unterwalden above the forest is founded. President is Landammann Franz Wirz from Sarnen.

1885 – The Cantonal Banking Act is adopted at the Landsgemeinde. The first legally decisive step for the founding of the Obwaldner Kantonalbank has been taken.

1886 – The Obwaldner Kantonalbank takes up residence in Sarnen next to the village chapel on the ground floor of Dr. Peter Anton Ming started its business. The cantonal council elects Major Paul von Moos from Sachseln as the first director and Felix Stockmann from Sarnen as the first treasurer.

The Federal Council authorizes the canton of Obwalden to issue banknotes… Continue reading about Obwaldner Kantonalbank here.

Website: https://www.okb.ch/

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