Reserve Bank of Fiji


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About Reserve Bank of Fiji

The Reserve Bank is Fiji’s central bank. Our objectives as are to protect the value of currency in the interest of balanced and sustainable economic growth, formulate monetary policy, promote price stability and issue currency.

The story of the Reserve Bank stretches almost a century back to 1914 when the colonial Government took an important step in establishing the Currency Board with the sole right to issue notes and coins in the then Colony of Fiji.

This function continues and, even today, the issue of currency is what the general public most commonly associates the Reserve Bank of Fiji with. However, a central bank does much more than issue currency.

As the Fijian economy developed, the Government realised the need for an organisation that went beyond the issuance of currency. Fiji’s gaining of independence in 1970 further cemented the need for an institution not only to control the young nation’s money, but also to supervise the banking sector and spearhead development through monetary policy… Continue reading about Reserve Bank of Fiji here.


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