Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina


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About Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina was established in accordance with the Law adopted at the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina on 20 June 1997. The Central Bank started its operation on 11 August 1997.

The senior body of the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the Governing Board, which is in charge of establishing and supervision of monetary policy, organization and strategies of the Central Bank, all according to the powers given to the Board by the Law. During the first six years, the Governing Board consisted of the Governor, who was Chairman of the Governing Board, and three members, out of which two members (Bosniak and Croat) were from Federation of BiH and one (Serb) from Republika Srpska. After that, according to the Law on CBBH, the Governing Board consists of five persons that are appointed by the BH Presidency for a six-year mandate. The Governing Board appoints one of its members as Governor. The Management of the Central Bank consists of Governor and three Vice Governors, appointed by the Governor with the approval of the Governing Board. The task of the Management is the operative management of the Central Bank business. Each Vice Governor is directly responsible for the operations of one sector of the Central Bank… Continue reading about Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina here.

Website: https://www.cbbh.ba/



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