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About West Suburban Bank

Since 1962, West Suburban Bank has offered a level of service and responsiveness that the mega-banks, despite their posturing, can never hope to attain. Our employees, from our tellers to our key decision makers, live in the communities we serve, so we understand the needs of our communities and our customers. And, because decisions are made locally, not at some far removed corporate headquarters, we can react quickly when those needs change.

Our investments also focus on the community. You won’t find overseas investments or foreign market speculation on our balance sheet. Instead, you’ll find the loans that have helped secure or improve the homes and businesses in the communities we serve.

As businesses see their banking relationships become less personal and less responsive due to the increased pace of bank mergers and buyouts, many have been turning to community banks to recapture the level of service they once knew and still deserve… Continue reading about West Suburban Bank here

Website: www.westsuburbanbank.com

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