MFB Magyar Fejlesztési Bank Zrt


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About MFB Magyar Fejlesztési Bank Zrt

The MFB credit institution wholly owned by the Hungarian state, whose main task is to ensure a favorable construction loans to domestic enterprises and individuals, and to support long-term economic development, their involvement in money market funds. The Bank has been operating as an investment bank since 1993.

As a development bank, MFB’s main goal is to provide financing in areas where commercial banks are unable to lend effectively. Thus, the focus of its activity is on filling the market gaps, with which it intends to provide opportunities, ie financing available on favorable terms, to domestic enterprises. MFB performs development banking tasks in close cooperation with commercial credit institutions and partner institutions… Continue reading about MFB Magyar Fejlesztési Bank Zrt here.


Go directly to MFB Magyar Fejlesztési Bank Zrt online banking.

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