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About MKB Bank Nyrt

MKB Bank Zrt. Is one of the oldest members of the Hungarian banking system , it started operating in 1950. The purpose of its establishment was to participate in international payment transactions, primarily to perform banking tasks related to foreign trade. During the banking reform of 1987, when the two-tier banking system was established, MKB Bank received a full commercial banking authorization, on the basis of which, in addition to strengthening the traditional business lines, new business lines were successfully launched and launched .

The complex servicing of domestic companies has quickly become the bank’s main business. During the first successful privatization of a large Hungarian bank , the internationally recognized financial institution BayernLB, which plays an important role in Hungary, acquired a majority stake in the bank. Since the end of the 1980s, the Bank has further developed its retail banking, money and foreign exchange and capital market activities. By the end of 2001, with the integration of securities trading activities, MKB Bank has become a universal bank , providing unique, complex services to its customers through its strategic interests… Continue reading about MKB Bank Nyrt here.


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