Freie Gemeinschaftsbank Genossenschaft


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About Freie Gemeinschaftsbank Genossenschaft

The Free Community Bank Cooperative was founded in Dornach in 1984. This makes it the oldest alternative bank in Switzerland. In 1999 she moved to Basel, where she has been based in a building designed for her since 2017.

The Free Community Bank draws its inspiration from Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy and is inspired by other currents, such as value-oriented banking (social banking) and the model of sustainability (ecology, economy and social affairs).

The Free Community Bank is organized as a cooperative. It is therefore not profit-oriented and involves the members of the cooperative in its further development. The money invested in the Free Community Bank is used exclusively to finance sensible projects in the real economy. Any speculation on the stock or financial markets is excluded by the statutes… Continue reading about Freie Gemeinschaftsbank Genossenschaft here.


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