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About Bankhaus Denzel AG

Bankhaus Denzel Aktiengesellschaft was founded in 1991, is owned by Denzel Holding AG and is therefore part of the Denzel Group, the largest multi-brand car dealer in Austria.

The Denzel Group is primarily associated with an automobile company steeped in tradition , whose company history around founder Wolfgang Denzel dates back to 1934 and today has equity of more than 185 million euros .

Until recently, the general public was less aware of the fact that the name Denzel has also been firmly anchored in the Austrian banking landscape for 30 years:

The core business of the bank was initially warehouse financing for car dealerships .

Consumer credit for new and used vehicles was only of minor importance in the beginning, but this branch has become the core business over the years.

Meanwhile, the bank Denzel also provides financing on the automotive field addition to consumers and retailers, which at the same time an expansion and dispersion was implemented in a variety of industries. This puts the bank on an even more solid footing: a high degree of industry independence and manageable financing volumes for each individual contractual partner. Tens of thousands of satisfied customers have already placed their trust in us… Continue reading about Bankhaus Denzel AG here.


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