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About Evolve Bank & Trust

The history of Evolve Bank & Trust began in June of 1925 when the bank, then known as First State Bank, assumed the role as the primary financial institution in eastern Cross County, Arkansas. The bank provided essential capital for the unprecedented growth and improvement of the agricultural sector and general development of the area. In a few short years, the bank became known for its positive and firmly established banking practices and became renowned as the county’s most prominent banking institution. In fewer than thirty years, the bank’s resources increased more than forty times greater over what they were when the bank was established.

Evolve Bank & Trust’s reputation was greatly enhanced by its success – quickly becoming known for its exceptional personal service and community involvement. In January of 1934, the bank became a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) following the signing of the Banking Act of 1933. In a speech in which he addressed the nation, then President Franklin D. Roosevelt closed with “Together we cannot fail.” This sentiment rang true throughout the bank as well as the nation during a very difficult period… Continue reading about Evolve Bank & Trust here

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