Banca Capasso Antonio – S.p.a.


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About Banca Capasso Antonio – S.p.a.

Banca Capasso Antonio acts as a flywheel for the local economy, creating a virtuous circle that begins with the collection and management of savings from private customers, and feeds on the reinvestment of these resources in the local economy through the provision of loans to businesses and households, and ends with support for growth and employment in our communities. A virtuous dynamic which creates community development, promotes the circulation of trust and stimulates the growth of the social relationship fabric.

For over a century, the Capasso family, from generation to generation, has been carrying out an important task in the social, economic and cultural fields: supporting and promoting the development of the Alife area and the Matesino area, to which that of the valley has recently been added. Telesina, with strong local roots and an attachment to the principles of sound and prudent management… Continue reading about Banca Capasso Antonio – S.p.a. here.


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