Bankhaus Ludwig Sperrer KG


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About Bankhaus Ludwig Sperrer KG

On July 1, 1913, the Ludwig Sperrer banking house was founded and is now one of the few independent private banks in Germany. “To do everything with the insurance to fully justify the trust placed in me,” Ludwig Sperrer recommends to his Freising customers.

The private banker starts with two employees and initially mainly offers Pfandbriefe from Bavarian regional banks, city bonds and insurance companies. In 1915, Ludwig Sperrer opened a larger office on Mittlerer Hauptstrasse in Freising. At that time, his customers were mainly farmers.

1916 – During the First World War, the personnel changes more frequently because employees are called up for military service, including Ludwig Sperrer (right) and his brothers… Continue reading about Bankhaus Ludwig Sperrer KG here.


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