Bank of Hartington


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About Bank of Hartington

he Bank of Hartington, Nebraska was founded in 1934 by Emmett William Rossiter with capital of $25,000 and a surplus of $5,000. This was a very small margin to absorb losses in those perilous times of depression. Through Emmett Rossiter’s personal legal knowledge, he was able to save Decatur bank when depression conditions nearly caused its closure. Emmett sold his stock in the Walthill bank, moved the Decatur charter to Hartington (1,660 population) and purchased the defunct bank building of the former First National Bank; the three previous banks in Hartington had all failed. The year that the bank opened, corn which was the principal crop of the area was at a low price of 10 to 20 cents a bushel. There was a complete crop failure that year and as a result, the price of corn rose to $1.00 a bushel the following year..….. Continue reading about  Bank of Hartington here.


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