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About Bank First

Headquartered, in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, Bank First was founded in 1894 with a capitalization of $50,000. The bank was located on the southwest corner of York and North 8th Streets in downtown Manitowoc. The bank achieved great financial success during its first 33 years in business, and by 1927 it outgrew its original location. On August 20, 1927, Bank First moved from the southwest corner of North Eighth and York Streets to just across the street on the first floor of the Hotel Manitowoc building at the northwest corner of North Eighth and York Streets (known today as Dali’s Café). The new bank building had a state-of-the art security system and a very elaborate interior. The nameplate of the bank was centered above the entrance with a monogram in the center. The elaborate bank entrance is still visible from Eighth Street to this day.

The next 45 years of Bank First’s history saw physical as well as monetary growth. In 1971, Bank First acquired the assets of the Francis Creek bank. The bank soon needed additional space at its headquarters to support its growth, and selected a new site in the 400 block of North Eighth Street in Manitowoc… Continue reading about Bank First here


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