Bank für Sozialwirtschaft AG


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About Bank für Sozialwirtschaft AG

As a universal bank, the Bank für Sozialwirtschaft AG focuses entirely on business with companies, associations, foundations and other organizations that are active in the social (senior, disabled, child and youth welfare), health and education sectors.

1923: The welfare department founds a bank

Based on the idea of ​​self-help, the associations of the independent welfare organization founded the “Aid Fund of Non-Profit Welfare Institutions in Germany” on March 10, 1923 in Berlin. H. “- today’s Bank für Sozialwirtschaft AG.

After the First World War and the inflation of the post-war period, the reserves of the welfare institutions were exhausted; The deficits could no longer be covered from the substance; the nursing care rates could no longer keep pace with the devaluation of money. Previous donors were impoverished – and at the same time the number of social tasks and those in need rose daily… Continue reading about Bank für Sozialwirtschaft AG here.


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