Ålandsbanken Abp


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About Ålandsbanken Abp

A big bank in Åland. A small bank in Finland and Sweden. A secure, stable bank with satisfied customers.

A bank can be established for different reasons. When the Bank of Åland was established in 1919 by forward-looking farmers and sea captains, their “can-do” spirit was strong. It still is.

We are careful with our customers´ money. We are not so fussy about titles. We trust each other. These are values that we live by, in everything we do.

In the early 1980s we opened our first office on the Finnish mainland. Those who visited us soon noticed that we were unusually informal. There was not much bowing and scraping… Continue reading about Ålandsbanken Abp here.

Website: https://www.alandsbanken.com/

Go directly to Ålandsbanken Abp online banking.

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