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About Beacon Payments

Beacon Payments offers interchange plus pricing, also known as wholesale plus, which means our customers gain access to the most competitive pricing in the industry. The largest companies in the US, think grocery store chains, large electronics stores, enterprise home improvement stores, etc. all process billions of dollars each year in credit cards on the interchange plus rate structure. We take that same rate structure the big box stores use and deliver it to merchants of all sizes at just a few tenths of a percent over the wholesale interchange rates. It’s always been our practice to offer low rates in an effort to create long lasting relationships which benefit both your business and ours.

The technology your business uses to process transactions is just as important, if not more important than the rate you pay. Beacon Payments offers card readers which plug into any smartphone or tablet, stand alone terminals with pin pads, mobile point of sale systems using tablets and smartphones, and traditional countertop point of sale systems for retail stores, salons and restaurants…Continue reading about Beacon Payments here


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