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About 2Checkout

Our company started officially in 2006, but our story begins long before that. Originally, our founders were part of GECAD Group who developed RAV Antivirus (the technology purchased by Microsoft in 2003). As part of that company, we needed to sell software products on a global level. We realized that this was so hard and complex that we decided to make this a business on its own and help other software companies sell globally. We started Avangate to achieve this in 2006. We became a digital commerce leader on the international market for digital goods, enabling software companies to accelerate online sales through any channel, any model, and any market. In October 2013, we were acquired by Francisco Partners, a leading global private equity firm.

In April 2017, Avangate acquired 2Checkout to expand payment flexibility and broaden market reach, and the joint company was reintroduced under one name as 2Checkout to power modern Digital Commerce for global businesses across many industries and in every market… Continue reading about 2Checkout here


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