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About WealthSeed

Our story begins with mBank, which Sławek Lachowski and Piotr Gawron have built together in their mission to maximize the benefits and convenience in personal finance. Customers received free of charge accounts, cards and transfers. In addition, they did not have to come to the bank’s branches, because they could arrange everything remotely 24×7. This is how a revolution in Polish retail banking took place. Unfortunately, nothing similar took place in the investment products space. It was obvious that people with small financial surpluses did not have a suitable offer to try to multiply their wealth, because banks limited themselves to promoting deposits that bring less and less benefits each year. On the other hand, private banking and wealth management services are available only for affluent people, who could afford to pay horrendous fees for financial advice, often of questionable quality… Continue reading about WealthSeed here.

Website: https://www.wealthseed.eu/


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