November First (Denmark)


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About November First

November First launched its payment platform in 2016 with the clear objetive of making it cheaper for companies to make international payments to foreign suppliers. In collaboration with one of Europe´s largestforeign exchange bank, November First was able to offer companies 20-50% savings on currency margins, as well as significant savings on fees. We still do all this, and now we also handle all types of Danish account toaccount payments and FIK payments, as well as a whole lot more.

In January 2020, November First finally ended the file uploads and downloads between finance system and bank. November First became the first licensed payment institution to move the transaction capacity completely away from the bank and into the finance/bookeeping system. Users of November First’s payment modules now benefit from being able to execute supplier payments directly from selected finance systems and automatically return all transaction and posting details in real time and thereby achieve substantial time savings in bookkeeping… Continue reading about November First here.



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