Kuflink (United Kingdom)


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About Kuflink

As experienced property investors, Kuflink’s founders watched closely as the market became harder and harder to get into after the financial crash, and they got to thinking – how on earth are normal people supposed to manage their money efficiently?

It’s almost impossible to find a savings account that pays above inflation. As for stocks and shares, well, they’re just confusing and unpredictable. In fact, it’s a huge pain to find a decent return on your money anywhere, and borrowing money at a reasonable rate is just as difficult.

That’s where Kuflink comes in; our award-winning platform unites borrowers with lenders, providing a steady flow of accessible finance and better interest rates. Because getting more for your money really is that simple…Continue reading about Kuflink here

Website: https://invest.kuflink.co.uk/


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