Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador


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About Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador

On September 15, 1821, Central America became independent from Spain. The heroes signed the Act of Independence, a document in which the minting of a commemorative coin was ordered, which had no liberating power. Later, the Federal Government decreed the minting of the national currency in gold and silver pieces, with the inscription “Free grow fruitful” and the tree of liberty and on the reverse engraved the five volcanoes representing the five federal states, with the inscription ” República del Centro de América – September 15, 1821”, which differed from the commemorative coins minted previously only by their size and insignia of their value and in that the silver pieces had an “R” for reales and the gold ones had one. “E”, for Shields.

Having had a shortage of currency in the years after 1830, South American, Spanish and United States of America currency was given legal tender, as well as the macacos, morlacos or macuquina currency, which were silver coins cut from old stamps that existed in the country, until in March 1849 the establishment of the federal stamp was authorized… Continue reading about Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador here.

Website: https://www.bcr.gob.sv/


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